Property Damage Attorney

Theft/Vandalism Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Owning and running a business is hard enough – and harder if you have to deal with theft or vandalism. A typical business owns thousands of dollars’ worth of property. So does a household. But if your home or business is robbed or defaced, how do file a valid and… Read more »

Business Interruption Property Claim Lawyer

Every business owner has to account for unforeseen events – like property damage – that might put their business on hold. Natural disasters are a common cause of business interruptions. Fortunately, insurance companies provide business interruption insurance that cover the damages. A business interruption property claim lawyer can give you… Read more »

Roof Damage Property Claim Lawyer

The state of a house can often be understood by the condition of its roof. The first area of your property to be hit in a natural disaster is always the roof. Sometimes, the damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, if you ever see damage on… Read more »

Wind Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Wind damage claims are one of the most controversial claims that an insurance companies can handle. Many insurance companies that don’t like covering damages caused by wind. However, the average homeowner’s insurance policy will cover damages caused by storm and other natural disasters. Wind can be anything from a gentle… Read more »

Mold Damage Property Claim Lawyer

You have a beautiful home that you want to keep in top shape. However, no matter how hard you try, some corner of the house is always neglected. A common problem in many households is mold buildup and property damage related to it. Mold damage is one the most annoying… Read more »