Property Damage Attorney

Denied Insurance Claims Property Damage Lawyer

When you’re buying insurance for your property, you never dream that your insurer might refuse to pay your damage claim. But more often than not, that is the case. Due to policy loopholes, insurance companies and even local governments often find a way out from paying you what you’re owed…. Read more »

Fire Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Most insurance policies in Florida cover fire damage in homes and offices. Living in a state with warm weather and not having insurance is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The spark of a mere tailpipe can create an raging wildfire, while forgetting your cookies in the oven might cause your… Read more »

Water Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Water-related damage claims are one of the most common insurance claims in Florida. Floods or other natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes) can inflict water damage, but your property can also be damaged from by leaky pipes and poor drainage. Water-related property damage claims can be tricky to understand. People who are… Read more »

Hurricane Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. That’s why every homeowner in the state needs hurricane insurance. That said, what is hurricane insurance? What can you do if your home and its contents incur hurricane damage? If you need a lawyer to handle your claim, does it matter which one you hire?… Read more »

Hail Damage Property Claim Lawyer

Hail can be very damaging to your property, and the injury can be worse if you’re not covered by insurance. But if you have insurance, you’re covered, right? No. Not always! Many hail damage claims have been rejected because the claimant lacked proper representation. This article will give you a… Read more »